Many people become students and enthusiasts of martial arts and the associated fitness training that goes with being a martial artist. There are many reasons behind their interest. Some being the physical fitness and weight loss aspects of training, to gain confidence, discipline and self-control, or the need to learn self-defence.

Due to the rising popularity of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), increasing numbers of people are participating in fitness training based around martial arts, or more specifically Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

It can be hard to distinguish or work out which training facilities provide legitimate martial arts training with so many commercial gyms and training providers adopting and adding the MMA acronym to their programs. Capital Combat is one of the few training facilities in Canberra offering legitimate MMA training, and the only facility on Canberra’s south side. The training techniques and strategies provided by Capital Combat are current, consistent and delivered by professional combative athletes.    

Capital Combat offers a variety of programs that will suit your individual needs and fit in with your busy lifestyle. All training is conducted in a safe and positive environment providing you with the tools to succeed.